Sample support letter for refugee

The government, entities as well as people rely heavily on grants. A government may need a grant to fund its development projects. An organization may require a grant to be able to bankroll its operations.

Likewise, you may need a grant to be able to cover the cost of your education whether it is high school, college or any other.

Everyone should read this heart-breaking letter from a Syrian refugee

Nonetheless, a grant cannot be issued just out of the blue. One must send a request first through writing an application and it is only if the application is approved that the money will be granted. If the application is rejected, a grant will not be issued. Writing a letter of support is an important part of a grant application process.

A letter of support demonstrates to potential funding bodies the credibility of the applicant, their credentials, and the reasons why they deserve the funding. In addition, it aims to convince the funding entities that the cause for which the grant is requested is a noble one, and will be beneficial to both the applicant and the community at large.

It is important to note that a letter of support is written by somebody that is not the grant applicant. This may be a mentor, a college principal or anybody else who can vouch for the applicant. I am an associate of Mr. Together we run the company, which conducts research on all matters teenage pregnancy and childbirth issues affecting teenagers in the entire United Kingdom. Rotchetsy is a researcher who specializes in teenage pregnancy and childbirth.

He together with his team conduct research in this area forwards the results to the government and other stakeholders in an effort to improve the lives of the affected girls. This year, the company is facing a critical financial crisis, which may mean stopping some of our projects in the near future if this goes on.

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I support his grant request because if successful, that could mean saving a life of a pregnant teenage girl somewhere. This can be achieved by providing essential data and insights that will allow the government and other stakeholders to step in and help by providing clinics and professionals who will reach out to the girls. Sincerely, Mr. Letter of support samples provide important guidelines to follow for individuals, groups or organization who are requested to draft such a letter.

Letter of support samples, or templates, assist the individual, organization or group in how to format a letter of support in the best possible manner, one that will ensure that the candidate is seen in the best possible light.

This is especially true if those writing the letter of support will benefit from the proposal. Letters of support are utilized by those individuals who are in the process of applying for grants, awards, tenure, prizes or positions. The letter of support conveys not only the credibility of the applicant, but also their credentials.

Letters of support from credible individuals or organizations reinforce the stand that this individual is the best candidate for the position. Letters of support can come from community leaders, organizations or high-level individuals. Letters of support are crucial to the success of a candidate in attaining a grant, tenure, or position, and are a major force in allowing the applicant to present a compelling and persuasive case for themselves as they apply for grants or positions.

Through proper use of this letter, the candidate demonstrates why they are a worthy recipient of the grant, award or position.

Most of these positions or requests are very competitive, and a well written letter of support can assist the candidate in standing out from the crowd, thereby obtaining a better chance at clinching the position. The letter of support should detail how the individual, group or organization will support the project, or how they feel the individual candidate is the best for the position.A letter of recommendation is an important component of an application for refugee status.

The selection process for refugee status is highly competitive; many countries limit the number of people granted asylum each year. Determine the requirements.

12+ Immigration Reference Letter Templates – PDF, DOC

Regulations for refugee claims differ from country to country. To ensure the usefulness of the letter of recommendation, be certain that you meet the criteria for referees. Furthermore, some countries have specific forms you need to fill out; they will not accept a free-form letter. If you are able to highlight specific information about the applicant and his or her reasons for making a refugee claim, you will be able to personalize your letter while offering support for what the applicant has already claimed.

You can use relevant information to highlight why the applicant deserves special consideration. Use an official letterhead to establish your credibility. Introduce yourself and your relationship to the applicant. In your first paragraph, you should explain relevant facts about yourself, including where you work, what your title is and what your duties include. Once you have provided details about yourself, provide information about your relationship to the applicant, including how you met him, your family relation or how long you have known the applicant.

10 Letter of Support Samples to Support Projects or Individuals

When possible, use specific dates and locations. There are special circumstances that deem whether a candidate can be considered a refugee. Refugee status is almost universally based on potential or perceived persecution in the home country.

Throughout the selection process, a committee is presented with facts about the case. Provide a character sketch of the applicant, including strengths, professional qualifications, the role the applicant could hold in the receiving country and how she will benefit from leaving her country of origin. Provide an overall assessment of the applicant in your last paragraph. Make it clear and concise. Try to summarize the key points that support the application in one or two sentences.Jump to navigation.

sample support letter for refugee

During his hunger strike, he protested on the rooftop of the detention centre and refused to come down. He says that although he has been found to be a refugee, he does not know when his 18 month long detention will end as ASIO has not given him a security clearance. He now says that he wants to leave Australia. See also Letter from a refugee to World Environment Day rallies: 'We thank you for remembering us' End the live export of asylum seekers Nauru detention plan extreme, dehumanising Malaysian MP slams refugee outsourcing deal.

I am a Rohingya Burmese refugee asylum seeker in Australia and I left Burma since the end of for certain circumstances based on race, political and systematic oppression. I escaped to Malaysia and spent 10 years where I worked with Rohingya refugee organisations and Burmese political opposition groups based in Kuala Lumpur. As a result of my involvement in human rights and community welfare activities, I faced interrogations by intelligence police.

I have been personally detained six times and deported on four occasions. Finally, I left Malaysia and took the risky journey by boat to Australia. As I was well known in Malaysia I also brought here identities, which I had used in the past decade. The inappropriate length for my security checks is nonsense since I was found to be refugee by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship at the end of May The wait is longer than longer, neither it does put priority on vulnerable cases, nor longer cases.

And there is no queue system in the process. It is unexplainable about the longer than longer wait.

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What is happening to mental and physical health while matters of individual concerns were unable to influence the process. I did believe my case would be finalised by April.

A Letter from Kamran

Although immigration said our Burmese cases are the first priority, at the end my case has been outstanding and not undertaken according to the details of the government notice. So far, how sad it is that my case is not yet finalised. As I acknowledge, the mandatory detention system has a mandate with key values, which ensure fair and humane treatment. While thousands of other clients have been released timely and properly, the length of my detention is unexplained. It has reached an excessive period and is intolerable.

Several letters I sent to the outgoing and current immigration ministers, ASIO and the inspector-general of intelligence, appear to be unread. My ongoing case is totally unjust, unlawful and inappropriate. It is also paving the way for a deterioration and will cause unexpected things.

An month process is too long a period to wait for a result and is an excessive length of time for processing a single case. I raised this matter in the detention community meeting on April 13 and sent a letter to a senior officer in charge of NT detentions before the government notice expired in the end of April.

I did this because I wanted to hear the result of my case, whether positive or negative. As a result of me asking for my welfare and security, I was kept 19 days from April 29 to May 17 in an isolation compound.

Although it might not have taken longer for my single case compared to the thousand cases that were finalised with 20 days, I am still kept.

Unfortunately, it does not show good conduct and good order. I see my only choice is rooftop protesting again on World Refugee Day, even [though] it will not bring an outcome except another mess, and no doubt to lay charges against my freedom of expression.

As my concerns, requests, endurances, situations and letters were not made any sense. I am a stateless, recognised refugee and I have the right to be transferred to another country if the department claims my criteria is a threat to security. But, my liberty should not be hampered by any means of such indefinite manner.The government should remove communication restrictions, halt fencing construction, and ensure personal protective equipment is available.

Refugees International joins more than advocacy organizations in calling on the U. Over the past few weeks, we have seen how the measures implemented by governments calling for quarantines, shut downs, deportations, border closures and militarization to address the emergency caused by the spread of COVID are disproportionately affecting migrants and petitioners for international protections.

Together with five other organizations, Refugees International calls on the Trump Administration to cease its reported plan to shut the border to people seeking asylum in the United States in response to COVID Rather, there are concrete steps to take driven by science and public-health expertise to protect asylum seekers while stemming the pandemic. For years, immigration courts in the United States have been plagued by systemic problems and politicization.

Refugees International joined more than 50 civil society organizations in sending a letter urging members of Congress to establish an independent immigration court. Together with 28 other organizations, Refugees International is calling on the government of Myanmar to immediately lift restrictions on mobile internet communications in eight townships in Rakhine State and one township in Chin State. Refugees International opposes asylum cooperative agreements that allow the United States to send asylum seekers from its southern border to third countries without adequate assessment of whether the asylum seekers would be safe there.

In a statement for the record to the House Committee on Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border Security, Facilitation, and Operations, Yael Schacher outlines three ways that the Remain in Mexico policy raises legal and human rights concerns. The Working Group on Venezuelan Human Mobility released a letter requesting that civil society be allowed to participate in the Quito process and outlining priorities for long-term and human rights-based solutions to regional migration phenomena.

Refugees International and 38 organizations welcome the recent announcement by the government of Bangladesh to put on hold plans to relocate Rohingya refugees to Bhasan Char Island.

Venezuela has faced a complex multidimensional crisis since which has generated the exit of millions of people in the last 4 years.

Refugees International and a wide range of other international and national NGOs active in the Latin America and Caribbean region issued a joint statement calling for solidarity with displaced Venezuelans, which was delivered at the International Solidarity Conference for Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants on October 28, These policies and agreements effectively bypass the laws Congress adopted to protect refugees.

Contrary to what the administration claims, these policies will also increase smuggling and trafficking. Refugees International joined over 70 other NGOs in releasing a statement in response to the redirection of funds from the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras as officially restated by the Department of State on June 17, We, the undersigned organizations, members of the Working Group on Venezuelan Human Mobility, would like to express our concern over the recent decision adopted on June 6, by the Peruvian government, which requires Venezuelan citizens to present a humanitarian visa at the border to enter Peru.

Said measure will enter into effect on midnight, June 15, Within this increase, we ask that Congress appropriates meaningful increases for good governance programs and poverty-focused development and humanitarian programs.

Refugees International and 76 other organizations call on Congress in an advocacy letter to oppose any legislation that would expand the scale or length of immigrant family detention, overturn the child protection policies and laws currently governing the treatment of migrant children in custody, or undermine asylum protections. Eliminating poverty-focused assistance to Central American and abandoning the poor and vulnerable communities with whom we work is short-sighted and counterproductive.My professional work experience with IMC International Medical Corps has in given me knowledge in assessing the livelihood and mental health state of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

I provided counselling and psychosocial support to the Syrians, guiding them to possible solutions, after assessing their needs. I worked along with a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist on therapy plans for beneficiaries that needed it.

As a part of the DRR Disaster Risk Reduction unit, I went on field visits to villages and schools to collect data on the risks and capacities of each community. From my work as a paramedic with the Lebanese Red Cross, I have learned to work in emergency settings in a goal oriented manner. Being a part of the Red Cross family has taught me how to build positive and effective relationships with my colleagues.

I seek working with the UNHCR as a Resettlement Assistant because I believe I can provide those families with the support they need to be independent and productive again.

sample support letter for refugee

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I have read and accept MindSumo's Privacy Policy.Immigration reference letters are important not only in clinching any foreign assignments or tours but also in getting the visa approved of a foreign country. These reference letters should be on the Professional letterhead of an organization preferably in a foreign land which can prove his ingenuity and reliability for the immigration approvals.

sample support letter for refugee

What is an Immigration Reference Letter? An immigration reference letter can be described as a letter of recommendation that is written on behalf of someone in support of their immigration application and other associated processes. The letter must include dates and locations of moving, if any.

What is the importance of a Reference Letter? A reference letter acts as a support for a candidate. Letters provided by people who individually worked with you must be provided for the best insight.

What should be included in a Reference Letter? A reference letter is positive publicity of your skills and characteristics, written by someone who knows you and is familiar with your work, character, and accomplishments. Such kind of letter explains why the reader should choose you, and whether or not you are suitable for the position you are applying for.

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How to write an Immigration Reference Letter? How to end a Reference Letter? Reference letters are usually positive. But, it is not necessary that the ending must always be positive.

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Read More Articles about Business Letters.The below letter was handed to a UN worker at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan by a Syrian man who had fled the country's civil war. Nasreddine Touaibia, who works for the UN's refugee agency, posted these photos on Twitter after he was given the letter yesterday by a year-old, one of 80, refugees at Zaatari, who has been at the camp for two years with his sister and their parents.

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In the letter, supposedly written on a UNHCR ration card, the unnamed refugee explains the pain he and his sister feel after being forced to abandon their university studies in Damascus, where they were reading English literature. My sister, who has spent three bitter successive years without study, sheds tears day by night. She is in a pitiful state lying in the caravan.

Both of us have lost the most precious thing in our life, our studies. After issuing a plea to be granted asylum in the west, he writes: "If we have the chance to live there we'll fulfill our dreams. Aren't we human beings? Are we born to eat drink and sleep only? Aren't we worthy of honourable life?

Our life has become unbearable hell? Please help us. The back story to the letter is even more heart-breaking. Mr Touaibia explained to i But the man approached aid workers and asked if the scholarship could be given to his sister instead, and when told that it was not possible he decided to decline the offer.

It is understood that after "a lot of counselling" the man has decided to take up the opportunity, although he has not left for university yet and is still "insisting on doing something for his sister". More: Satellite imagery shows destruction of Syria's world heritage sites.

More: Alan Henning: the taxi driver who just wanted to help Syrian children. Posted Tuesday 14 October by Matthew Champion in news. More About. Log in using your social network account.

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