Is computershare a transfer agent

Dividends are normally paid quarterly on the first business day in February, May, August and November to stockholders of record at the close of business on the record date declared by the board of directors.

If you normally receive your dividend check by mail and it does not arrive within 10 days following the scheduled payment date, please contact Computershare at 1 If your dividend check has been lost or stolen or you have not received it within 10 days of the published payment date, please contact Computershare immediately at 1 A replacement check will be issued.

Once a dividend check is replaced, the original check is no longer valid and should be destroyed. Stockholders may have their dividend checks deposited directly into their bank accounts via electronic fund transfer. The funds will be available on the payment date. Contact Computershare at 1 for information or to request an enrollment form.

Your funds normally will be invested within five business days. You will automatically be enrolled in the Full Dividend Reinvestment option, which provides for the reinvestment of all of your dividends into additional shares.

You can make additional purchases by sending a check, or you can arrange for regular purchases that automatically will be deducted from your bank account.

Contact Computershare at 1 for more information or to enroll. Information and enrollment materials are available online at www.

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Contact Computershare at 1 for information or to enroll. Purchase orders are scheduled for processing at least once every five business days. If you want to make regularly scheduled purchases of additional shares, you may pre-authorize Computershare to make the purchases by electronically debiting your checking or savings account. To enroll, complete and sign the Direct Debit Authorization Form for Ongoing Automatic Deductions and return it to Computershare at the address on the form.

Allow four to six weeks for your first deduction. When the automatic deductions begin, your account will be debited either on the 15th or the 25th day of the month — or both, if you choose. If these days do not fall on a business day, the debit will be made the next business day. Funds normally will be invested within five business days. The uncertificated form of registered ownership allows you to own shares without holding the actual stock certificates.

Your unendorsed certificates should be sent to Computershare via registered mail with a return receipt requested.

​​​We’re here to help you meet all of your corporate objectives.

Insure it for 1. This is the cost to you for replacing the certificates if they are lost in the mail. The package should be addressed to:.

You will receive a notice in the mail confirming that the certificate has been received and converted.


If you want to receive certificates for uncertificated shares held at Computershare, contact Computershare at 1 Certificates can be issued only for whole shares. You can also mail in your request, using one of the transaction forms provided with each statement.

Or you may place your sell request on the Internet: Go to www. Market Order: A market order is a request to sell shares promptly at the current market price. Market order sales are only available at www. Batch Order: A batch order is an accumulation of all sales requests submitted together as a collective request. Batch orders are submitted each market day.

The price to each selling stockholder will be the weighted average price obtained by Computershare's broker for each aggregate order placed by Computershare.We are pleased to notify you that Computershare Trust Company, N. Computershare provides a variety of options to help you manage account information and perform numerous transactions. Please direct your inquiries and transaction requests to Computershare using the options below:. Investor Center is the online and mobile portal to your stock portfolio at Computershare.

If you already have a user ID with Computershare, you should be able to see your Microsoft stock added to your portfolio. If you are new to Computershare we encourage you to set up your account today. Managing ownership of your Microsoft stock is easy and efficient with Computershare; view account details, update account information, enroll in direct deposit, perform transactions and opt-in to receive electronic communications and SMS text messaging. For security purposes, shareholders that are business entities or certain fiduciary entities or trusts will be limited to view-only access.

Registration is easy. Get started today at www. Microsoft Corporation published this content on 08 April and is solely responsible for the information contained herein.

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Computershare: welcome to our world, where every customer is unique

Sector News. All Analysis.Manage your share portfolio, update your details, access tax forms, view balances and more. Every connection needs to count. We can help you transform your communication to engage customers at every touchpoint.

We managed more than corporate deals in Let us help you get the most value out of your transaction. Barts St. Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Martin St. Pierre and Miquelon St. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Page Content. Are you taking advantage of all we have to offer? Add a hosted virtual meeting component. Increase digital adoption. Leverage notice and access rules. Utilize web hosting. Let us help you plan and manage a successful shareholder meeting. Optimize our multi-channel approach to engage with your shareholders through their preferred channels — email, web, text, print.

Find lost shareholders using our deep search services.Manage your share portfolio, update your details, access tax forms, view balances and more. Private issuers, too, have good reason to partner with a transfer agent for their recordkeeping needs. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Page Content. Saving discussions of Manchester United and West Ham for another day, you should know that for our purposes a transfer agent helps companies maintain records of share ownership as well as administering related processes dividend payments, proxy mailings, etc. Of course, transfer agents do a lot more than that, but this is a good 30,foot description. Even though your company may not be listed on an exchange, and shares may only trade via private sale, you still have many of the same governance needs of a public company:.

You certainly want to have a record of shareholders and their ownership positions and history You need to keep track of records for taxes if you pay cash or stock dividends You need to manage proxy solicitation and voting if your company holds an annual shareholder meeting. Corporate records must be administered in the best interests of the company, employees, shareholders and prospective new investors. By retaining a trusted independent service provider, you free up resources within your company to focus on your core business initiatives.

A good transfer agent provides strong data security to protect shareholder records from hackers and other threats.

This is an important factor, as both you and your shareholders may want the convenience of having online access to company information and account holdings. Transfer agents are held to rigorous auditing standards by their clients and by regulators to ensure sensitive data remains secure.

This provides an opportunity to provide your shareholders, potential investors and management team with the comfort of knowing that these records are safe, and not on a thumb drive someone dropped on the train. Transfer agents have significant expertise in administering shareholder records and matters of governance and compliance. This expertise provides assurance to your investors that their shareholding records are protected and managed in the same manner as large public corporations. Regulations change often and transfer agents work hard to keep compliance costs under control while also ensuring that management of your records conforms to the latest requirements.

Also, should your company decide to go public down the road, your transfer agent can manage the initial public offering IPO process and other future needs as a public company. For companies that issue shares via crowdfunding platforms, the Securities and Exchange Commission encourages the use of a transfer agent to ensure compliance with all regulations. Working with a transfer agent is an easy way to meet the new regulations requiring companies that use Web-based crowdfunding portals maintain accurate records of securities transactions.

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For the most part, the needs of a private company are not as complex as those for a publicly traded entity. However, working with a transfer agent can help you reduce the risks associated with shareholder records and free you up to manage and grow your business.We may be compensated by the businesses we review. All rights are reserved. Toggle navigation. Is ComputerShare a brokerage firm?

ComputerShare review: transfer agent stock buying fees schedule, pros, cons, and rates. What is Computershare? Investors come with all different styles and strategies.

Some invest passively and patiently, others invest actively and quite frequently. Others, still, invest somewhere in between. The products and service of Computershare, likewise, will cause some investors to happily embrace it, while causing others to quickly and fearfully! In fact, Computershare is not even a brokerage company. They work as link to connect the individual stockholder to the holding company, itself. This article will review the products and services that Computershare offers, while providing investors with helpful information as they continue to research and discern both their current and future investment strategies.

See Differences between brokerage and transfer agent article for more info. Company Overview Computershare is an Australian-based company which considers itself to have "grown into the world's foremost transfer agent and investor services provider.

Transfer Agent

With the online brokerages, investors can instantly access these products and sometimes many more. Since Computershare is a stock transfer agent, their role is simply to keep the corporate shareholder records, acting as a bridge that connects the investor directly to the holding company.

This payment is given to the shareholder regardless if the stock rises or falls. With a DRIP, the shareholder also has the option to be issued the money as a direct payment or to reinvest the money into purchasing more stock. Some investors see DRIPs as worthwhile because they could offer a higher potential for steady, consistent growth despite the ups and downs of the market. The minimums for initial stock purchases will also vary according to the limits determined by each company.

Selling these shares will cost double of that amount. Website The design of the Computershare website is as up to date as any website.Back to help Glossary. This page provides definitions for commonly used financial terms. Top 5 Searched Terms Medallion Guarantee. Optional Cash Payment. Record date. Payable Date. A stock market indicator comprised of stocks generally believed to influence the market as a whole.

Safekeeping See also Deposit. The act of converting a paper stock certificate into electronic form held at the transfer agent. This is usually done at the shareholder's request.

A government agency that regulates the entire financial industry, it was created in the wake of the Great Depression to protect investors from unfair treatment.

A set of rules outlined by the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC regarding the regulations by which transfer agents must abide. These include directives for time frames for processing requests, penalties for non-compliance, terminology as it applies to transfer operations, etc. Securities A term encompassing stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Settlement Date The date on which stock changes hands settles due to sale or purchase.

See also SCC. A vendor in New York City that Computershare hires for corporate restructuring events. Shareholder of Record The owner of stocks on or before a specified date determined by the issuing company. A shareholder must own shares by this date in order to be eligible to receive the next dividend payment. A document issued by the courts assigning authority in the distribution of the assets of an estate. Short-Term Capital Gain The amount of profit, if any, from the sale of a stock or other security owned for less than one year.

Signature guarantee A type of stamp available at most banks that guarantees the authenticity of a signature. This is different than, and not a substitute for, a Medallion Guarantee stamp. Small Estate Statutes Laws designed to help the heirs of smaller estates avoid the cost and delays associated with going through the court system to distribute the assets of the estate. What is considered to be a small estate varies from. Small Shareholder Buyback An offer from a company to repurchase small numbers of shares, usually underfrom its shareholders.

Social Secuirty Number A nine-digit number assigned to U.Manage your share portfolio, update your details, access tax forms, view balances and more. For more than 35 years, we've been the largest global transfer agent providing advisory services, communications and technology solutions to many of the world's leading companies. Our clients know they can count on our investment in resources, years of industry leadership, locations throughout the world and commitment to service to form long-term relationships that produce real business results.

These new ways of raising capital are great for spurring investment in your company, but also mean greater scrutiny and oversight from regulators. Through our secure web portal, you and your financial partners can easily access, manage and report on important investor information.

is computershare a transfer agent

Complete the form below to speak to someone about how you can get more with Computershare as your transfer agent. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.


Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Manage your share register efficiently Contact Us. Page Content. Latest news and insights. Registered Ag Read More. Advisory services. Shareholder communications.

is computershare a transfer agent

Stock transfer. Annual meeting. Dividend disbursements. QuickCert stock certificates. Investment plans. International currency exchange. Also, this year I especially appreciated the efforts in quickly converting our dividend reinvestment and direct stock purchase plan to a Computershare Investment Plan. Portfolio account management Get around-the-clock access to shareholder data including account balances and payments, dividend reinvestment information, statements and correspondence.

is computershare a transfer agent

Information is easy to access and available when and where you want it. Advanced reporting Through our online reporting tool, you can specify criteria such as classes of stock, dates, ranges and share amounts to develop the custom reports you need.

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Clients also have access to a range of statistical information and management reports such as top holders, range of shares and geographic summary. Shareholder CleanUp Help lost or unresponsive shareholders claim assets that are at risk of being escheated, such as when the original shareholder is deceased or has an invalid address.

Small Shareholder Oddlot CleanUp Assist lost or unresponsive shareholders with fewer than shares. Barts St. Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Martin St.

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